Our Reach

It is remarkable that Tamil Diaspora maintains a cultural, emotional and nationalistic link to the minority Tamils living in the Island of Sri Lanka. They were supportive in many ways to the campaign undertaken by the Tamil Tiger movement to achieve a ‘Tamil Homeland’ in the north-east region of the island. They were also instrumental in getting policymakers and lawmakers in Western nations to place Sri Lanka on their policy agenda bringing closer attention to Sri Lanka issues.

Sri Lanka’s national issues, especially ethnic Tamil, human rights, rule of law and governance, have reverberated in the North American, European and Asian nations’ foreign offices to be part of international agenda. This book can be an added resource to the ongoing international conversation about ethnic reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka in those forums.

The author’s investigative/research/analytical contributions to the online daily newspaper Asian Tribune on issues connected to foreign affairs have attracted global websites, academics, (US) lawmakers to gain a broad platform, and this book gives them a different interpretation to the issues already familiar to them.

The material that has gone into the book which identifies a link that has not been adequately dealt with bringing into the open a strange collaboration between Washington policymakers and advocates of a separate state in Sri Lanka within the Tamil Diaspora undoubtedly will bring close scrutiny from this large group of people: especially a fair percentage of the 800,000-strong Sri Lankan Tamils domiciled in North America, Europe and Scandinavia. Obviously, foreign policy handlers, analysts, academics interested in foreign policy nuances and students of international affairs will give extra attention to what has gone into the book written by someone who was within the U.S. system.

Tamil Tigers Debt to America - Our Reach