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Tue, 2016-11-22 09:40 — editor

Colombo, 22 November, (

Tamil Tigers Debt to America - Our ReachAn investigative-research-analyses which discloses Washington’s playbook and machinations that revived Sri Lanka’s domestically-annihilated Tamil Tigers in the global arena as an influential diplomatic-political force is well documented in a book – Tamil Tigers’ Debt To America: US Foreign-policy Adventurism & Sri Lanka’s Dilemma – written by a professional who worked within the United States system for 25 years, released last week in the U.S. by the publishing house of Amazon.

The most revealing observation in this book is: One cannot recall in recent memory how a totally annihilated lethal terrorist movement along with its superior military power was resurrected and emerged as a global political movement with a determination to achieve the same objective – a separate state for the minority ethnic Tamils in the north-east region of Sri Lanka.

The author of the book Daya Gamage employed by the U.S. Department of State as a political specialist in its diplomatic mission in Colombo, Sri Lanka attributes this transformation of the militarist LTTE to Washington liberal policymakers explaining “Washington’s disappointment in its failure to salvage Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger leadership – which it believed represented the sentiments of the minority Tamils – to use it as a pressure group to influence changes in Sri Lanka when the outfit was annihilated in 2009.”