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Sri Lanka Envoy to Turkey Pakeer Amza Praises the Book

Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Turkey Pakeer Mohideen Amza, in a communication to the author Daya Gamage, commending him for bringing out a ‘timely product’ remarked he was “amazed the wealth of knowledge so far I gathered from the book and highly impressed the analytical skill that you possess.” The ambassador, a career diplomat who previously assigned to the European Union, noting the theme of the book said “Further it stresses the importance of understanding the nuances that are required when dealing with powerful countries.” Here is the full text of the message the author received from Ambassador Amza: I have done almost 100pages by
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New book discloses U.S. machinations that globally- revived Tamil Tigers – An Asian Tribune Review

Tue, 2016-11-22 09:40 — editor Colombo, 22 November, ( An investigative-research-analyses which discloses Washington’s playbook and machinations that revived Sri Lanka’s domestically-annihilated Tamil Tigers in the global arena as an influential diplomatic-political force is well documented in a book – Tamil Tigers’ Debt To America: US Foreign-policy Adventurism & Sri Lanka’s Dilemma – written by a professional who worked within the United States system for 25 years, released last week in the U.S. by the publishing house of Amazon. The most revealing observation in this book is: One cannot recall in recent memory how a totally annihilated lethal terrorist movement
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