Author’s Platform

  1. US Congressional Counterterrorism Subcommittee Hearing – 11 November 2011 – used author’s investigative report on terrorism in northern African region carried in online daily newspaper Asian Tribune which appears in US Congressional document.
  2. U.S. scholar Dr. Webster G. Tarpley in a scholarly paper carried in his website Daya Gamage’s investigative reports on the Libyan political turmoil.
  3. Public Diplomacy School in University of Southern California (USC) website – carries reports/article appeared in worldwide news networks as supplementary readers for the students who read public diplomacy at the university. Besides, they reach a broad section of the academic and non academic personnel. Gamage’s writings are often carried.  His reports on Sri Lanka’s ‘Tamil Homeland’ and effective global propaganda of the operatives within the Tamil Diaspora beating Sri Lanka’s public diplomacy are highlighted in USC Public Diplomacy website.
  4. The Brookings Institute in its scholarly and analytical papers often refers to Daya Gamage’s writings. The May 2008-released 58-page  analytical paper The Changing Nature of State Sponsorship of Terrorism by the institute’s Saban Center for Middle East Policy referred to this author’s Asian Tribune September 1, 2007 report “U.S. Will Declare Eritrea as State Sponsor of Terrorism”. This author considers a privilege to get the attention of the Brookings Institute to his reports and analyses on foreign policy issues.
  5. Britain’s dirty war against the Tamil people – 1979-2009
    The 48-page document published by the International Human Rights Association Bremen, Germany in June 2014 on the second Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka on Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka, a document widely read by most of one million-strong  (Sri Lankan) Tamil Diaspora, made reference – Daya Gamage, U.N. Ambassadors unanimous LTTE laying down arms, releasing civilians to Sri Lanka government, Asian Tribune, February 28, 2009,  – of this author’s analytical reports on Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and British involvement.
  6. John Brown’s Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review often carries this author’s analytical writings. Dr. Brown, affiliated with Georgetown University in its public diplomacy program was a US diplomat for 20 years. He identified Daya Gamage’s foreign affairs/public diplomacy reports to carry in his Blog Review.
  7. U.S. Marine Corps University – Virginia in its 217-page research analysis Al-Qaida: A Global Perspective of Successes  in its Chapter Seven titled Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb written by Ricardo René Larémon used – as supportive evidence – this author’s report to Asian Tribune carried under the caption “Libyan Rebel Commander Admits Link to Al-Qaeda: Chad President Says Al-Qaeda Acquired Weapons in Rebel Zone”.
  8. When Daya Gamage disclosedin Asian Tribune as its US National Correspondent and political analyst on September 21, 2007 that the North African nation Eritrea was supplying military assistance to Sri Lanka’s secessionist terrorist Tamil Tigers, the UN Permanent Representative to UN Araya Desta took it very seriously to deny the report on a telephone conversation with him.
  9. The widely-read English website of the oldest ethnic Tamil Diaspora organization in the United States – Ilankai Tamil Sangam or Association of Tamils of Sri Lanka in the USA – in an analysis carried in its website – April 13, 2008, defending the secessionist military struggle of the Tamil Tigers, identified Daya Gamage and his online daily newspaper Asian Tribune as obstacles to the Tamil struggle in Sri Lanka. Gamage’s anti-LTTE propaganda, the website says, “not without success”.
  10. The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at University of Washington in its Task Force Report COUNTERING AL-QAEDA’S IDEOLOGY: RE-ASSESSING U.S. POLICY TEN YEARS AFTER 9/11 used Daya Gamage’s“America’s Remarkable Complacency about its own Human Rights Abuses”.
Dina Titus with Daya Gamage

The author with U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus scrutinizing US-Sri Lankan issues