About the Author

During his professional engagement with the U.S. Department of State (1970-1994) in the areas of public affairs and public diplomacy, Daya Gamage was privy to Washington’s play book of foreign policy dealings with Sri Lankan issues. He gained extensive knowledge how U.S. Foreign Service Officers, and their counterparts in Washington,  made crucial decisions, influencing factors on decisions, their mindset formation, and had access to their sensitive thinking. This wide understanding became rich fodder to the extraordinary analyses and interpretation of this book disclosing a link of that mindset formation to Washington’s trajectory hauling Sri Lanka to Geneva.

The author’s research, analyses, investigations and privileged conversations with American officials who enjoyed high security clearances, and interactions with US Congressional delegations – CODELs, vastly enriched his understanding the manner in which Washington managed and conducted its overseas foreign policy agenda in South Asia.

The wide range of contacts the author maintained with Sri Lanka’s military at all levels, intelligence agencies, members of the ruling and opposition elite and civil society members during and since his tenure at the U.S. diplomatic post in Sri Lanka enriched his knowledge, and such insights were used to produce valuable interpretations in this book.

The author was in a unique position to unlock his understanding of American foreign policy trajectory toward Sri Lanka, hitherto unknown to outsiders, to take the conversation toward a different direction and contribute to the already existing rich literature on these issues.

Daya Gamage earned a Meritorious Honor Award for Superior Performance and Professionalism in 1988 from the U.S. State Department. He is currently political-foreign affairs correspondent to the online daily newspaper Asian Tribune.

Daya Gamage