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During his professional engagement with the U.S. Department of State (1970-1994) in the areas of public affairs and public diplomacy. Daya Gamage was privy to Washington’s play book of foreign policy dealings with Sri Lankan issues. He gained extensive knowledge how U.S. Foreign Service Officers, and their counterparts in Washington, made crucial decisions, influencing factors on decisions, their mindset formation, and had access to their sensitive thinking.


A disclosure of post-2009 U.S. Machinations in Sri Lanka and their links to 1980s-1990s Washington perspectives on Tiger terrorism & Tamil Issues

“The macro effect the Tigers have today is the result of the conducive atmosphere created, and moral upliftment America has given to them” was what Tamil parliamentarian Sam Tambimuttu told the American Embassy (Sri Lanka) in April 1990

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This book gives a unique analyses and interpretation of Washington’s foreign policy adventurism using the insights the author gained during his tenure at the U.S. State Department. This insider’s account and alarming analysis have disclosed a development – largely due to Washington machinations – that enabled operative organizations within the Tamil Diaspora to replace the vanquished Tigers and diplomatically continue its secessionist agenda in Sri Lanka.

Washington’s disappointment in its failure to salvage Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger leadership – which it believed represented the sentiments of the minority Tamils – to use it as a pressure group to influence changes in Sri Lanka was thwarted by the movement’s annihilation in 2009. To avenge the foreign policy setback, Washington created a conducive atmosphere – through its foreign policy advocacy – that facilitated the emergence of a stronger, determined and more coordinated Tamil Diaspora – once effectively functioned to sustain the LTTE – as a global diplomatic movement.

One cannot recall in recent memory how a totally annihilated lethal terrorist movement along with its superior military power was resurrected and emerged as a global political movement with a determination to achieve the same objective – a separate state for the minority ethnic Tamils in the north-east region of Sri Lanka. The book’s disclosed link facilitates the readers to understand this scenario.

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